Fraunhofer-Institut für Bildgestützte Medizin MEVIS

Mobile Liver Explorer

Since 2002 Fraunhofer MEVIS supports clinicians in the planning of complicated liver surgeries. Resection proposals and risk analysis, that take the patient-individual liver anatomy into account, have proven to significantly improve the safety and outcome of such operations. Reduced blood loss has been achieved by providing the surgeons with detailed anatomical information and optimized resection plans. Until now liver surgeons have to rely on static screenshots and their memory or expensive navigation hardware to bring the planning data into the OR. Fraunhofer MEVIS has changed this situation with a mobile app which allows interactive, full access to the patient data. This further supports the surgeons and thus improves the safety of the operation.

Solutions and Features

  • access planning data anytime anywhere
  • interactively visualize 2D and 3D data
  • react on new intraoperative situations by measuring the length of branch sections, compute the volume drained or supported by any branch and hide branches that are not of interest
  • harness the power of augmented reality by overlaying the planning data over the real liver
  • record video and audio of the augmented reality 


"If we can use iPad software in our operation room, intraoperative blood loss could be further reduced since the hepatic venous branches are the main source of intraoperative blood loss. If intraoperative use of the iPad could demonstrate the hepatic venous tributaries precisely, surgeons can identify the related vessels and avoid bleeding from these branches. According to the reduction of the intraoperative blood loss, postoperative morbidity will be decreased, and thus, hospital stay may be shortened." Itaru Endo MD PhD, Yokahama City University Hospital, Japan