Quantitative Pathology

We support you by developing custom software solutions for the evaluation of tissue images. Our solutions can greatly reduce the effort of pathological investigations and provide rich, quantitative information for the personalized treatment of diseases.


Tissue Image Analytics

Our solutions can derive rich, diagnostic information by identifying and relating thousands of cell markers and tissue regions.

Virtual Multi-Staining

By automatically matching tissue structures across different stains, our solutions enable the combined assessment of multiple biomarkers.

Quick Adaptability

Our solutions can be quickly adapted to novel image characteristics by learning from examples given by the user.

At a Glance

Rapid Application Development

Our software components for the identification, evaluation and registration of tissue structures enable the rapid development of custom applications.

High-Speed Processing

Thanks to our multi-scale image analysis and registration technology, even standard computers can quickly process gigabyte-sized whole-slide images.

Contract R&D

Our team of experienced scientists and software developers provides contract research and development services in the area of quantitative pathology.

Clinical Solutions

Virtual Tissue Blocks

Recreating the original blocks from tissue sections gives insights into cancer genesis and progression.

Automated Detection

By assisting the pathologist in the detection of tissue structures, our solutions greatly reduce the effort of pathological investigations.


We develop tailor-made solutions that efficiently integrate into the workflows and software platforms of our partners.

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