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Much of our work involves partnered projects and contract research. We seek open innovations with established firms, startups, and hospitals worldwide. Our contributions range from early ideation and prototypes to full development of medical software, to be marketed by our industrial partners. Please check out our latest developments in AI, minimally invasive interventions, imaging physics, and in liver, lung, orthopedics, as well as clinical neuroimaging.

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Vendor Independent MRI Pulse Sequence Development

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Companies We Work With

As an institute for applied R&D in medical software, collaborations with companies represent a significant share of our work and are a major pathway for our technologies to enter the clinical routine. We are based in Germany but work with customers gobally, both large established companies as well as newly established startups and medium-sized private companies. We are ISO-certified and work under quality assurance regulations so that our developments can be implemented into your medical devices. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We very much look forward to discuss your product challenges with you.

"Working with Fraunhofer MEVIS has been a great pleasure. We appreciate their outstanding professional competence and openness in communication."

Benjamin Haas,
Varian Medical Systems

"I think Fraunhofer MEVIS has exceptional competence and abilities to quickly make/deliver state-of-the-art software."

Frank Vijn,
Delft Imaging Systems

"With the Fraunhofer MEVIS viewer for image evaluation integrated into our Trial Connect platform, we are proud to provide universities and researchers with a highly elaborated and flexible tool supporting their sophisticated demands."

Johannes Stemmer,
Telekom Healthcare Solutions


„Fraunhofer MEVIS performed well as a team. They first listened carefully, then worked straight forward, while being responsive and oriented towards solutions and clinical issues. They helped our project run successfully.“

Prof. Dr. med. Roland Brüning,
Asklepios Klinik Barmbek