Neurosurgical Intervention Planning

Clinical Challenge

Frequently, the neuroanatomy of a patient with brain tumor is greatly changed by the space-occupying force of the tumor. Thanks to advanced MR imaging and software assistants, neurosurgeons can now plan the safest, most optimal operative path to the tumor before an operation begins.

Solution & Features

Advanced MRI imaging techniques, such as DTI and fMRI, are very beneficial for patients with tumors in eloquent areas of the brain, because they visualize how a tumor displaces the brain's functional areas and their fiber tracts. Time-of-flight data can be used to visualize the vascular structure. Fraunhofer MEVIS develops solutions for:

  • Extraction and visualization of risk structures
  • DTI / HARDI: fiber tracking, clustering, uncertainty analysis, and visualization
  • Quantification of diffusion imaging data
  • FMRI visualization
  • Tumor segmentation


The Fraunhofer MEVIS software demonstrator for neurosurgical planning and risk assessment won first prize at the Eurographics medical prize competition. The prize was awarded because of the software's clinical value, use of computer graphics, and novelty.