Quantitative Oncological Follow-Up Assessment

Lung Tumors Metastasis
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Three-dimensional visualization of multiple lung metastases.

Quantitative Analysis


The change in lesion size is an important criterion for oncological diagnosis and therapy monitoring. Manual diameter measurements are the current standard, but they suffer from accuracy and reproducibility issues. We offer:

  • Semi-automatic lesion segmentation for fast and reproducible volumetric measurements of lung nodules, liver metastases, lymph nodes, brain lesions
  • Intuitive 3D manual correction for difficult cases
  • Partial volume correction for more accurate and reproducible measurements
  • CT, MRI and PET support


Workflow Support and Reporting


Oncological follow-up assessment is tedious and reader-dependent. Current reports are not standardized and often difficult to understand for referring physicians. We developed:

  • Automatic lesion tracking over different points in time
  • Interactive visual report for follow-up measurements in PDF format
  • Color-coded 3D overview for visual assessment of therapy response
  • Timeline of findings, therapy decisions and tumor burden




Our algorithms have been integrated into multiple commercial software packages and used successfully in chemotherapy follow-up and lung cancer screening studies.