Moblile Tablet Application during a Liver operation
© Junko Kimura/Fraunhofer
The mobile tablet application during a liver operation at Yokohama City University Hospital. The hepatic vasculature as well as the resection strategy resulting from the preoperative planning are visualized on the tablet computer and provide guidance during the surgical incision.

Clinical Trials & Pharma#

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histology fat deposit vacuoles
© Fraunhofer MEVIS, source courtesy Prof. Dahmen, Jena University Hospital, PD Dirsch, Hospital Chemnitz
With new image analysis technology developed by Fraunhofer MEVIS, fat deposits can be quantified automatically in entire tissue sections (marked in yellow).

Computational Pathology#

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Cardiac Function in Realtime CaFuR
© Fraunhofer MEVIS
The software developed by Fraunhofer MEVIS automatically identifies the breathing and heart contraction phases in the data independent of the ECG information. This allows for a fast and easy examination of heart patients.

Diagnostic Software#

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Applicator High-Frequency-ablation Simulation Temperature Distribution
© Fraunhofer MEVIS

Image-Guided Therapies#

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Business Areas

Diagnostic Software

Our software solutions support the diagnostic processes: by extracting and combining information from imaging and non-imaging data, by automating error-prone tasks and by enabling efficient workflows.

Image-Guided Therapies

We provide technological capabilities for planning, delivering and monitoring of image guided therapy.

Clinical Trials & Pharma

We develop customized software solutions that improve, automate and optimize the workflow in clinical trials to reduce time and costs, and to increase the quality of results.

Computational Pathology

We support you by developing custom software solutions to reduce the effort of pathological investigations and provide rich, quantitative information for personalized disease treatment.