Dr. Nils Papenberg awarded as outstanding junior scientist

The University and its Society of Friends and Supporters awarded prizes to four outstanding junior scientists for their distinct scientific work. The awards ceremony took place on Wednesday, October 27, at 6 pm at the Research Center in Borstel, which is connected with the University of Luebeck through a cooperation agreement.

The awards were handed over by the president of the University of Luebeck, Prof. Dr. Peter Dominiak, and the chairman of the Society of the Society of Friends and Supporters, Uwe Lüders, chairman of the executive board of the L. Possehl & Co. mbH. The ceremony was framed with music by Mona Rössler (Piano) and Maria Yukiko Meuthen (Violin) with compositions from Mozart and Bartok.

The honored dissertation from Dr. Nils Papenberg with title: „A general registration approach with applications in navigated liver surgery" firstly investigates general theoretical aspects of registration approaches, with a focus on specific clinical aspects in the second part. The aim was to develop algorithms for navigated surgery which can assist to treat tumors that are difficult to access.