Audio-Visual Art Performance, October 19, 2023, in Taipei, Taiwan  /  October 19, 2023

Premiere of Whose Scalpel 2.0 by artist Yen Tzu Chang at INTER-ARTISTIC EXPRESSIONS on October 19, 2023, in Taipei, Taiwan

Whose Scalpel 2.0 is an audio-visual art performance that explores the intersection of technology and sensory perception. In this piece, the artist's cardiac MRI data are presented through technological devices, highlighting the progression of medicine and its cultural implications. During the live performance, the artist lets real time heart rate data from the artist, a dancer, and the audience influence the presentation and experience of images and sounds. This sensor-based interactive design fosters a multilayered perception of the body, prompting contemplation on body concepts and technology's role in our lives.

The exhibition of Whose Scalpel 2.0 runs till November 12, 2023.
The live performances will take place at the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB), Communication Squadron Performance Space, 1st Floor, on October 19 at 19:30, October 21 and 22 at 15:00

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