Workshop  /  October 09, 2023

Breast Health Awareness

MINT+ By women for women: Schoolgirls, their friends, mothers and scientists exchange ideas on breast health.

On the occasion of the international Breast Health Awareness Month, which takes place every year in October (see also, we want to share with you exciting insights around the topic of breast health and engage in lively exchange; our topics:

  • Breast health: a topic for all
  • Our body, our health: Anatomy and examination possibilities of the breast
  • Women's bodies in research:
    • Insights into new scientific developments
    • An artistic approach

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 30.

The exchange and the conversation are in the foreground during the entire workshop in a protected setting!

With topics that concern us, we want to create new meeting points between female students, female scientists and the everyday work of research medicine, and indirectly learn about new fields of study. The female future in digital medicine has long since begun: With female breast radiologists examining and educating patients, female computer scientists and mathematicians developing new medical diagnostic procedures, and female artists critically examining tomorrow's technology and creating their works with medical images. We hope to get you excited about the future of digital medicine and perhaps a degree that leads there! In any case, we look forward to a lively exchange with you about breast health issues that concern us all.


The event is part of the interdisciplinary offer in the context of the school partnership of Fraunhofer MEVIS with the Walle School Center in Bremen.