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is a free software provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS for creating and editing segmentations on 3d medical images such as CT or MRI. It helps clinicians and AI researchers annotate their data. Download it and give it a try!

Free Software

Download MEVIS draw

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MEVIS draw offers intuitive brush and freehand interactions for drawing and modifying contours. An interpolation automatically fills in contours and updates them after each interaction, thus making 3d segmentation very efficient. Import of images and segmentations created with other software as well as export of results are supported in various formats: DICOM (including SEG and RTSTRUCT), MetaImage, MLImage, NiFTI, and NRRD.


Before using the software “MEVIS draw” you need to accept the license conditions that contain few restrictions for the usage of the software. You can use the software as a private person or being part of a research or commercial entity as long as you follow the restrictions of the license conditions, e.g., you do not transfer it to third parties.

However, you are more than welcome to recommend the download from this web page. The duration of the license is limited to the end of the current year and can be renewed. The software is not a medical product.


Fraunhofer MEVIS supports the full AI pipeline. We offer software and services for annotating and enriching your image data. We support efficient model building based on the deep learning framework of your choice, including data preprocessing, cluster-based training, result validation, and deployment into any product. Our algorithms for segmentation, co-registration, detection, classification, image reconstruction, and radiomics analysis enhance your products and services.


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