Fraunhofer MEVIS at the 93rd German Radiology Congress (DRK) on May 18 and 19

At the DRK in the Congress Center in Hamburg, Fraunhofer MEVIS will again take part in the DRK with its own exhibition booth (J 23) at the Forum for Industry (Industrieforum). Congress participants will gain insight into clinical applications for image-based diagnosis and intervention support.

Innovative interaction concepts based on the expanded possibilities offered by a mobile multi-touch-input-device (iPad) and other tools for mammography diagnostics will be shown. These include several concepts that have been submitted for patents, ranging from workstation login to breast MR read completely by gesture control.

In the neurological field, an exemplary application of a multitouch input device will be presented. Congress participants will have the opportunity to explore aspects of neurosurgical operation planning. One application to be shown evaluates the neurological images with which neurological surgeries are planned, therapy decisions are supported, and follow-up care can be made. Another exhibit combines multimedia and hands-on technology to show the paths of fiber tracks and connected functional areas of the brain.

An optical navigation system will be presented which supports clinicians during liver tumor ablation. Congress participants can plan the position of the applicator on a screen and then place the applicator on a model of the liver and ribs along the planning data.

In the cardiovascular field, a software demonstrator will be presented which allows non-invasive in-vivo recording of the individual blood flow of the patient as well as a prototypical workstation that is customized for the demands of analyzing cardiac MRI data of patients with congenital heart defects.