Image-Guided Therapy

Liver Tumor Surgery Planning: Planning and risk analysis for the surgical removal of a centrally located liver tumor.

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Image-Guided Therapy

Software Assistance for Needle Based Intervention: The expected zone of destruction for RF ablation is estimated by a fast approximation method.

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Image-Guided Therapy

Lung Surgery: The extent of lung segments and tumor-surrounding surgical margins are visualized for optimal planning of surgical interventions.

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Image-Guided Therapy

In image-guided therapy (IGT) the medical doctor uses digital image data for therapy decision-making, planning, conducting, and evaluation of the therapy. By integrating device-created data flows with relevant information from imaging and non-imaging data our software provides effective guidance information to let the doctor "see under the surface” and “beyond the eye”.

We provide technological capabilities for planning, delivering and monitoring of image-guided therapy.




Risk Analysis and Planning for Liver Surgery

Support for Tumor Resections and Living Donor Liver Transplantations


Software Assistance for Needle Based Intervention

Fraunhofer MEVIS develops software solutions for image-guided interventions.


Virtual Cardiovascular Intervention & Surgery

Our image-based patient-individual modeling approaches for the simulation of treatment options facilitate the selection of the most promising intervention strategy and improve treatment quality.


Neurosurgical Intervention Planning

Thanks to advanced MR imaging and software assistants, neurosurgeons can now plan the safest, optimal path to the tumor before an operation begins.


Surgical Planning for Lung Cancer

Software assistance enables optimal selection of resection areas and extent prior to surgery.


Software Assistance for Endovascular Interventions

Fraunhofer MEVIS develops software solutions for endovascular interventions, especially endovascular navigation.

At a Glance

Custom Software Solutions

We develop software solutions individually tailored and quality assured for your product. 


Innovative Algorithms

From import of imaging data over intuitive visualisation to hardware integration we provide quality assured modules for your solution.

Clinical Translation

Bringing your research tool into a clinically applicable product we assist in translation, integration, and quality assurance.


Interdisciplinary Research

In international and interdisciplinary consortia we are your strong partner in developing, targeting, conducting and coordinating research projects.

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