Navigating the Postdigital: How Arts & Sciences Shape Our Future

Where do you want to go? Enter starting point. Enter destination. Get directions.

A simple equation! But what if we realize that there is no clear answer, and the parameters themselves prove to be vague? Where do we actually stand? Where can we possibly go?

The conference and exhibition “Navigating the Postdigital”, which takes place from 15 to 17 January at the Applied Innovation Laboratory in Vienna,  shows immersive art installations at the interface of virtuality and reality, the digital and the analog, as well as man, nature and machine.

During the conference, duos from art and science discuss post-digital tendencies, machine learning, hybrid art, the Wood Wide Web, and possible navigation strategies. The duo Barnaby Steel from Marshmallow Laser Feast London and Bianka Hofmann from Fraunhofer MEVIS discuss the topic “How can art illuminate the hidden natural forces that surround us? And how can science contribute to and benefit from a collaboration with art?”