Science Meets Fiction

The practice of narrative design for science communication, technology assessment and strategic foresight

Hands-on Workshops for STEM scientists and (future) filmmakers


In 2019 Fraunhofer MEVIS' collaboration with the internationale filmschule köln (ifs) and Stiftung für MINT-Entertainment-Education-Excellence (MINTEEE) focuses on the exploration of sustainable forms of cooperation, promoting a mutual understanding, teaching and learning in two hands-on workshops about narrative design and digital medicine.


“Narrative Design - Storytelling for the communication of scientific content – How opportunities, risks and ethical issues of research and innovation can be conveyed through cinematic stories"

Hands-on workshop for STEM scientists.
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Hands-on Workshop for film students and filmmakers to learn about digital medicine and train an AI, held by Fraunhofer MEVIS scientists as well as the confluence of the exploration in a applied Ideations session, will take place in October 2019 at ifs in Cologne.

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”Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine - (not) a Topic for Fictional Stories?”

Filmmakers and MEVIS experts explored In 2018 the role of film in the communication of science. They worked on the developmental cooperation between science and fiction to contribute to science communication and to create socially relevant and credible stories about the use of artificial intelligence in medicine in Germany.
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