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Into the MRI Tube for Art's Sake

During her residency at Fraunhofer MEVIS, media artist Eli Joteva created a remarkable installation: To obtain the material for her digital artwork, the Bulgarian lay down in an MRI scanner for hours. The result: a digital installation called “IntraBeing.“ It shows oversized organs and highly complex webs of nerves that move meditatively and mysteriously right before the viewer's eyes.
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Making operations safer with digitized data acquisition and AI

Complications can always occur during operations, sometimes resulting in death. A new project called KIPeriOP aims to minimize the risk of such complications. The project is based on digitized decision guidelines and self-learning algorithms intended to provide reliable risk assessment based on individual patient data. What is the probability that certain complications will occur, and how might they be avoided? The project is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Anja Hennemuth from the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Medicine MEVIS and Prof. Dr. Patrick Meybohm from the University Hospital of Würzburg. Clinicians from the Asklepios Medical School GmbH, the University Hospital Frankfurt and the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin are involved. They are working together with experts from the fields of AI, user guidance, ethics, and health economics.
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‘The Tides Within Us’ receives Honorary Mention at STARTS Prize 2021

The cross-sectoral project, ‘The Tides Within Us’ received an Honorary Mention at the STARTS Prize 2021
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Open House at the Workshop of Digital Medicine

It took more than six years to plan and build, but now the new building of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Medicine MEVIS on the campus of the University of Bremen is completed. To celebrate the inauguration, the institute opens its doors, albeit only virtually due to the current pandemic. After the welcome addresses by Dr. Claudia Schilling, Bremen Senator for Science and Ports, by Alexander Kurz, Executive Vice President Human Resources, Legal Affairs, and IP Management of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, as well as by Prof. Dr. Bernd Scholz-Reiter, President of the University of Bremen, Fraunhofer MEVIS will present a sample of its current research activities. The online event will take place on Friday, June 18, from 2 to 5 pm. The event will be held in German, although the plenary session will be simultaneously interpreted into English, and some presentations will be given in English. Anna Stankiewicz (violin) and Elena Tomarchio (violoncello) from the Konsonanz chamber ensemble provide musical contributions.
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