First Biannual Meeting of EU Project CARDIOPROOF

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The first biannual meeting of the EU-funded project CARDIOPROOF is held at Fraunhofer MEVIS in Bremen on April 8. At the meeting the project partners provide an overview of the work carried out in the first six months of the project. In addition, the current project status and the action plan for the next project phases are reviewed and medical, technical as well as organizational issues are discussed.

The project CARDIOPROOF (Proof of Concept of Model-based Cardiovascular Prediction) is funded by the European Commission with €4,107,000 within the thematic priority Virtual Physiological Human (VPH). Goal of the project is to prove the validity of advanced VPH methods for Aortic Valve Disease and Aortic Coarctation in clinical trials and to determine the comparative clinical efficacy of model-driven decision support tools in comparison to conventional diagnostic and treatment algorithms.

The CARDIOPROOF consortium brings together ten European partners from medicine (DHZB/D, UCL/UK, OPBG/IT), science (MEVIS/D, MUG/AT, LSE/UK) and industry (Siemens/D, ESI/F, Gnúbila/F). It is coordinated by the independent strategy consultancy Lynkeus/IT in Rome.