Events & Internships

Are you interested in math, computer science, or physics and want to catch a glimpse into the daily routine of a researcher?  Come and visit us at our various activities for young researchers.

Inside Insight

With this interactive STEAM app we create an understanding of the values of physics, mathematics and computer science for medical imaging. The tool helps paint a picture of how to process medical images artistically.

For requests please write an email to: pupils@mevis.fraunhofer.de


Girls' Day

If you are in the 7th grade or above and interested in medicine, math, and computer science, don't miss our Girls' Day event.


Talent School

You are in the last years of your school time and have ever thought about what to do afterwards? Take part in our Talent School workshop to learn about science and its application in the medical context.


Internship In Fall

You are not going on travels in your fall holidays? Take the opportunity to be part of a joint event of the Technology Parc Bremen where you can be part of our internship at Fraunhofer MEVIS.

Math Research Day

Your school class is planning a trip and you are able to propose something? Do something related to mathematics and book a visit at the Math Research Day at the University of Bremen and listen to a talk of our researchers about mathematics in medicine.

Summer Academy

Join our Summer Academy workshop "Mathematics in medicine" and learn about the various applications of mathematics in the real-world - especially in medicine.

Children's University

The Children's University is a program for interested young researchers from 3rd to 6th grade and their parents. The event is organized by the university and Fraunhofer MEVIS takes part with lectures or parent's programs.


You are searching for an interesting place for your regular school internship and love to learn on your own but also in a team? You are also interested in mathematics, physics, computer science and medicine? Send us your application.


Mathematics: Field of the Future

You find mathematics exciting, but have no real idea of what you can do with it later? Then you've come to the right place.

Do You Have Questions or Need Help?

We will answer all your questions as soon as possible. Please write us an e-mail.


Come and visit our MRI Center! Sunday, October 3rd

Open House With The Mouse 2021

How do we get images from the inside of mangos, melons, and lemons without slicing them?