Are you interested in math, computer science, or physics and want to catch a glimpse into the daily routine of a researcher?  Come and visit us at our various activities for young researchers.

Events & Internships

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Girls' Day 2016 Fraunhofer MEVIS
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Have you ever asked yourself how clinicians can make a certain diagnose? How is the clinician concerned with PCs?

A lot! Probably more than you could ever imagine.

At our Girls' Day, you will learn from researchers of the Fraunhofer MEVIS institute how medical images are generated and how these are transferred to the PC. Furthermore, we would like to explore the cognition of colors and contrasts of the human eye and investigate how this can be influenced. You will learn interactively how images are displayed in the computer and how they can be analyzed with respect to certain diseases.

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For girls from the 7th grade 26.04.2018 www.girls-day.de



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The Fraunhofer Talent School is an event for pupils from 10th grade until the Abitur who are talented and interested in technology. In various three-day workshops in the autumn holidays, they gain theoretical and practical insight into ongoing scientific problems and develop solutions.

In addition, we provide the possibility to discuss the daily work of a researcher as well as national and international academic activities with Fraunhofer employees.

Fraunhofer MEVIS offers a workshop called "Where is the tumor and how do I get there? - From imaging to therapy" where the pupils learn about imaging using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) as well as the subsequent image processing and analysis. The images acquired in the beginning of the workshop will be examined afterwards. Together, we will develop methods which can be used to detect and measure abnormalities in MR images. Furthermore, we will see a clinical navigation system in action.



In 2017, Fraunhofer MEVIS organized the International Fraunhofer Talent School Bremen for the first time. The International Fraunhofer Talent School Bremen brings together an artist, a group of Fraunhofer MEVIS scientists and pupils from the 7th and 8th degree from Bremen, Linz and Upper Austria in spring and summer 2017.

We developed this program to foster the interplay of science, tech and art and to stimulate critical dialog about, and implementation of new technology within society. The aim is to foster the engagement with and competent ownership of future technology. Pupils gained insight into new technology and participate in discussions. This program reaches pupils in STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), who are interested in art and raises awareness of the role of math, physics, and information science in health care and life sciences.


Find here the evaluation summary of the STEAM Workshop [ PDF  0,06 MB ]


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For pupils from 10th grade until Abitur TBD


Children's University 2011
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Children's University 2011

The Children's University organized by the University of Bremen addresses children in the age of 8 to 12 years. There are lectures from researches every day in the morning as well as workshops in the afternoon where pupils can research by themselves. Every year, Fraunhofer MEVIS participates at the Children's University with lectures on topics like "Make invisible things visible" or "Modeling and simulation, using mathematics and PCs". Furthermore, parents can visit the Fraunhofer MEVIS institute to learn about the research.


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For children aged 8 to 12 years no MEVIS participation in 2018

University Bremen

Summer Academy
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Secondary school pupils, interested in research, can participate in the Summer Academy at the University of Bremen. In the first week of the regional summer holidays, they work in different workshops from different research areas. Fraunhofer MEVIS offers a workshop which deals with "Mathematics in medicine" and shows the various capabilities of math in medicine.

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For pupils from the upper school TBD Universität Bremen

Logo Herbstpraktikum Technologiepark Bremen
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The internship in fall is an event organized by the Technologiepark at University of Bremen that addresses pupils starting from the 9th grade. The internship is taking place in the regional autumn holidays of Bremen and will give insights into the various companies and research institutes in the city. The internship days are starting with talks from all participating companies and institutes so that pupils can learn about the participating institutions. After the talks, the pupils are going to their respective internship location.

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For pupils starting at 9th grade 1.-12.10.2018 Technologiepark Bremen

Math Research Day
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The Math Research Days are an offer of the matelier of University of Bremen. It addresses primary school pupils from 3rd and 4th grade. In the first part of the Research Day, pupils can learn about math. Afterwards, researchers from Fraunhofer MEVIS talk about their daily work and the general role of mathematics in research.

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For primary school classes (3rd and 4th grade) Wednesday, biweekly Universität Bremen - Matelier

Fraunhofer MEVIS offers individual internships for pupils throughout the whole year. During the internship, interns will get an insight into the research activities and software development of Fraunhofer MEVIS. Independent working, technical interest, and interns' engagement are in the foreground of the internship. If you are interested in an internship at Fraunhofer MEVIS, please send your application documents to pupils@mevis.fraunhofer.de.