Visualization & Interaction



We utilize state-of-the-art and custom visualization solutions to display complex medical image data. One particular strength is our wide range of volume rendering solutions, including modern path tracing and our new AVIS technology.

Interaction & UX

We develop tailored interaction solutions for tasks such as manual segmentation or detailed planning of interventions. Our solutions aim to improve the interaction with the ever growing amount of medical data and to facilitate the extraction of the relevant information.


Mixed Reality

AR and VR are becoming more important for applications such as teaching, patient empowerment, therapy planning and visualization. We are using our technologies and experience to improve the usage and efficiency of mixed reality in medicine.

Efficient Implementation & Integration

Our solutions exploit the power of GPUs, using classical rasterization and shader technology, or by employing the GPGPU paradigm. In addition to classical deployment we utilize streaming solutions to deliver custom vizualizations into web-based applications.


We Help You To Tell Your Visual Story

Collaborative production of moving images, immersive experiences and exhibits based on real medical data.