Medical Interactive Exhibits

We develop interactive exhibits for Science Center and exhibitions, based on real medical data. The 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging scanner owned by Fraunhofer MEVIS - including research in sequence development - helps to construct individual exhibits of the human body. We help professionals and non-specialists obtain insights into medical knowledge through self-directed exploration of the data. 

We support the entire development process, from the user experience concept and the design idea to the planning of the construction, the software development, and the final quality assurance and support.



  • In the Science Center AUDIOVERSUM, Innsbruck 2016
  • In the Science Museum Universum® Bremen 2015 – Technik, Mensch, Natur!
  • On the opening of Wissenschaftsjahres 2014 - Die Digitale Gesellschaft
  • At the Ars Electronica Festival 2013 – Total Recall
  • On board of the ”MS Wissenschaft”-ship in year 2011 – Forschung für die Gesundheit

Examples of Our Work

Poking Florian

By touching the dots on the brain, the nerve fibers will be visible on the iPad and explain which part of the body is controlled. The exhibit is available in a mobile and a static version.

Image Man

“Image Man” comprises ten light boxes presenting different imaging methods. The touch screen showing the beating heart enables visitors to navigate interactively through CT and MR images.

3D Patient Empowerment

Patient-specific models will be used for consultation, communication and illustration. They aid in therapy decision and preoperative discussions. The models can be augmented with patient-specific 3D visualization for tablet, smartphone, or VR applications.

See what you hear

New interactive exhibit ”about ALEX" with ”Meta-realistic Medical Moving Images” at the AUDIOVERSUM science center.

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