NeuroQLab - Best Accuracy in Fiber Tracking

NeuroQLab - one application combines fMRI and DTI to visualize and quantify areas in the human brain
One application in NeuroQLab is the combined fMRI and DTI tool which allows for visualizing and quantifying activated areas and white matter fiber tracts of the human brain.

NeuroQLab, a software assistant developed by Fraunhofer MEVIS for the purpose of neurosurgical planning and quantitative image analysis, has been ranked as the best tool in a clinical study, where the accuracy of nine different tractography algorithms has been examined.

In the study, three examiners (neuroradiologist, MRI physicist, and a neurosurgeon) have been double-blinded with respect to the scanned subject (11 men, 9 women) and the fiber tracking algorithm used. They were instructed to evaluate fiber tracking results based on anatomical accuracy of the course of displayed fibers and the number of fibers displayed outside the anatomical boundaries. The results have shown that there is a statistically significant difference in the accuracy of the tested programs.

The algorithms of NeuroQLab are in clinical use as parto of commercial products.