Diagnostic Software

Software solutions for more objective diagnosis and efficient decision-making

Diagnostic Software

Physicians are under constant pressure to incorporate all relevant information into diagnostic decision making in very little time.

Our software solutions support the diagnostic processes: by extracting and combining information from imaging and non-imaging data, by automating tedious and error-prone tasks and by enabling efficient workflows.



Oncological Follow-Up

To objectively assess change over time, our solutions provide reliable, easy and accurate quantification methods.  


Smart Linking for Oncological Reading

Introducing an intuitive navigation: simply click and get the corresponding location


Multimodal Position Correlation

Linking cursor positions even between different compressions becomes possible with our model-based position correlation.


Deep Learning for Medical Diagnosis

Novel data-driven approaches allow to extract meaningful diagnostic information from large data sets.

At a Glance

Advanced algorithms

Our image processing components extract and quantify information, correlate multiple images and identify changes. This leads to more objective diagnosis and lets the physician concentrate on the most important task: diagnosis.

Software Development

From libraries to complete applications and web-based deployment, we deliver solutions to optimally integrate into your product. Established quality management procedures ensure reliable and efficient deliveries.

Clinical Expertise

Deeply rooted in the clinical specialties, our solutions target a specific clinical problem - explore our Clinical Solutions below.

Technological Excellence

We utilize our scientific excellence in these core competences:

News and Events

Upcoming Events

Come and meet us at one of the upcoming events and get to know more about us and our expertise.


22.04. - 27.04.2017 | Annual Meeting & Exhibition

ISMRM 2017

Meet us in Honolulu and let us discuss latest developments

24.05. - 27.05.2017 | Conference

DRK 2017

Discuss current research results with our institute directors Prof. Kikinis and Prof. Hahn.


"Working with Fraunhofer MEVIS has been a great pleasure. We appreciate their outstanding professional competence and openness in communication."

Benjamin Haas, Varian Medical Systems

"Our first choice in medical image visualization."

Johannes Gregori, mediri GmbH


"With the Fraunhofer MEVIS viewer for image evaluation integrated into our Trial Connect platform, we are proud to provide universities and researchers with a highly elaborated and flexible tool supporting their sophisticated demands"

Johannes Stemmer, Telekom Healthcare Solutions

"I think Fraunhofer MEVIS has exceptional competence and abilities to quickly deliver state-of-the-art software."

Frank Vijn, Delft Imaging Systems

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