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Online Open House

18 June 2021, 14:00-17:00 CEST – details will follow soon.

The Fraunhofer MEVIS leadership Horst Hahn, Tobias Preusser and Matthias Günther
Institute Director Prof. Horst Hahn and Deputies Prof. Tobias Preusser and Prof. Matthias Günther (from right to left)

25 Years Fraunhofer MEVIS: An Outlook into the Future

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Fraunhofer MEVIS vs. CORONA

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Driven by Future

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft celebrates 70 years of applied research.

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Fit for the Digital Transformation in Medicine

The University of Bremen and Fraunhofer MEVIS intensify their partnership in computer science education.

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Cardiac Function in Realtime CaFuR
© Fraunhofer MEVIS
The software developed by Fraunhofer MEVIS automatically identifies the breathing and heart contraction phases in the data independent of the ECG information. This allows for a fast and easy examination of heart patients.

Medical Knowledge Through Research

Fraunhofer MEVIS develops real-world software solutions for computer-aided medicine, bridging between medical imaging, image-guided therapy, and healthcare informatics – bringing benefits to patients, customers and partners.

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Radiofrequency applicator RFA Radio Frequence Ablation in Liver Tumor
© Fraunhofer MEVIS
A radiofrequency applicator is placed in a liver tumor. The expected zone of destruction caused by heat is estimated by a fast approximation method.

Software Assistance for Needle Based Intervention

SAFIR supports the whole interventional workflow from planning to assessment utilizing segmentation, registration, simulation, optimization and visualization methodology. To facilitate fast deployment of new applications targeted at specific clinical questions or scientific projects, SAFIR is designed as a modular framework, which allows for re-using information processing methods and customization of algorithms.

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histology fat deposit vacuoles
© Fraunhofer MEVIS, source courtesy Prof. Dahmen, Jena University Hospital, PD Dirsch, Hospital Chemnitz
With new image analysis technology developed by Fraunhofer MEVIS, fat deposits can be quantified automatically in entire tissue sections (marked in yellow).

Drive Tissue-Based Analysis and Provide Rich Quantitative Information

We develop innovative software solutions that measure tissue parameters across entire tissue sections automatically and precisely.

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Multicycle Real-time MRI Analysis

CaFuR enables cardiac diagnosis with real-time MRI. It consists of an accelerated MRI acquisition and a complete software solution for automated analysis.

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Automated quality assessment of MR image series.
© Fraunhofer MEVIS
Automated quality assessment of MR image series.

Medical Knowledge Through Research

National Cohort in the MR Laboratory
© Fraunhofer MEVIS
NAKO-Viewer in the MR lab managed by Fraunhofer MEVIS and the University of Bremen

Medical Knowledge Through Research

iPad Tablet in the Liver Surgery
© Fabian Bimmer
Prof. Dr. Karl Oldhafer adjusts a tablet computer to access and visualize planning data during a liver surgery.

Tablet PC Supports Liver Surgeons

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25 Years Fraunhofer MEVIS: An Outlook into the Future

Prof. Horst Hahn, Prof. Tobias Preusser, and Prof. Matthias Günther


Precise Planning for Heart Surgery: An Outlook into the Future


Integrative Clinical Decision Support: An Outlook into the Future


AI-Based Precision Pathology: An Outlook into the Future


Tumor Follow-up: An Outlook into the Future


AI-Collaboration-Toolkit: An Outlook into the Future


Minimally-Invasive Interventions: An Outlook into the Future


Physiological Imaging: An Outlook into the Future


Fraunhofer MEVIS well represented at ISMRM 2021


Kick-Off for BMBF project BMDeep

Latest News


Fraunhofer MEVIS well represented at ISMRM 2021

Fraunhofer MEVIS is well represented at the Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) virtually held from May 15 to 20, 2021.
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Kick-Off for BMBF project BMDeep

On Thursday, May 6, 2021, the virtual kick-off meeting took place for the BMDeep project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for three years as part of the Computational Life Sciences initiative.
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We have moved

The headquarters of Fraunhofer MEVIS has moved to its new institute building on the campus of the University of Bremen.
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Fraunhofer MEVIS among Winners of InnoHealth USA 2021

Fraunhofer MEVIS is among the winning teams of the call for Ideas & Innovation of the InnoHealth USA 2021 campaign.
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