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AI systems for multicentric studies and higher precision in tumor therapy


Fabian Kiessling awarded as Highly Cited Researcher 2023

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Fabian Kiessling awarded as Highly Cited Researcher 2023

Prof. Dr. med. Fabian Kiessling has been recognized by Clarivate as a Highly Cited Researcher 2023 in the Pharmacology and Toxicology category. This is the fifth consecutive year he has been on the Highly Cited Researcher list, having already been recognized in the same category in 2022 and 2021 as well as in the Cross-Field category in 2019 and 2020.
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AI systems for multicentric studies and higher precision in tumor therapy

At this year’s annual RSNA meeting (Radiological Society of North America) in Chicago, Fraunhofer MEVIS presents, among others, the following promising innovations for AI-supported medicine: SATORI which helps to conduct multicenter studies and OncoChange which supports the follow-up of tumor treatments.
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Fraunhofer MEVIS welcomes Edinburgh-based scientist, artist, and medic Fiona Smith to the residency program STEAM Imaging V – Holding the ‘Digital’ in Medicine to Account

Great hopes, but also weighty concerns: Currently, there is a lively debate about algorithms that can learn, especially in medicine where AI systems are supposed to help detect diseases and identify optimal future therapies. This raises important questions: How do the algorithms arrive at their results and how can they be verified? Who develops these new technologies that affect the health of so many diverse people? And who creates the stories and images that represent the new digital solutions in medicine? The Scottish-based creator Fiona Smith is exploring this field of tension with an elaborate art project that she will develop as part of the STEAM Imaging V residency program. Her idea: In her interactive installation “The Box”, the audience will feed an AI with data and then be able to observe how the machine reacts in an audio-visual display.
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Premiere of Whose Scalpel 2.0 by artist Yen Tzu Chang at INTER-ARTISTIC EXPRESSIONS on October 19, 2023, in Taipei, Taiwan

Whose Scalpel 2.0 is an audio-visual art performance that explores the intersection of technology and sensory perception. In this piece, the artist's cardiac MRI data are presented through technological devices, highlighting the progression of medicine and its cultural implications. During the live performance, the artist lets real time heart rate data from the artist, a dancer, and the audience influence the presentation and experience of images and sounds. This sensor-based interactive design fosters a multilayered perception of the body, prompting contemplation on body concepts and technology's role in our lives.
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25 Years Fraunhofer MEVIS: An Outlook into the Future

Prof. Horst Hahn, Prof. Tobias Preusser, and Prof. Matthias Günther


Precise Planning for Heart Surgery: An Outlook into the Future


Integrative Clinical Decision Support: An Outlook into the Future


AI-Based Precision Pathology: An Outlook into the Future


Tumor Follow-up: An Outlook into the Future


AI-Collaboration-Toolkit: An Outlook into the Future


Minimally-Invasive Interventions: An Outlook into the Future


Physiological Imaging: An Outlook into the Future

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