Permanent exhibition: “Vintage Computing and the Roots of MEVIS” Opens on Friday, June 5 in the Lobby of Fraunhofer MEVIS

The exhibition showcases the development of computer graphics and the growth of the MEVIS Group over the last 40 years. Starting with the establishment of the Institute for Dynamic Systems in 1978, the exhibition presents institute spin-offs from the 1990s CeVis, MeVis, and MeVis Medical Solutions (MMS), as well as the adoption of MeVis Research into the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in 2009. Hardware exhibits let visitors explore the rapid progress of computer technology. Numerous multimedia contributions frame the milestones of mathematical computer graphics and medical image analysis.

Students at the University of the Arts Bremen, together with MEVIS employees, developed the exhibition during the last two years as part of a TheoPrax® project. The goal of TheoPrax® is didactic linkage of theory and practice in schools and universities. The TheoPrax® idea was developed in 1996 at a Fraunhofer Institute and, in 2004, was employed in Bremen at Fraunhofer IFAM.