R&D Engagement and Science Communication

Interactive, aesthetic, and participatory public engagement and science communication: towards an accessible and diverse research and development landscape. The Institute's scientists are committed to raising awareness about how digital medicine and related STEM sciences influence healthcare. They develop experiential projects at the intersection of science, art, and technology to stimulate critical dialog and ownership of new technologies, reach new audiences and foster a diverse future R&D landscape. 

Human-centered digitalization in medicine can explain, visualize and help manage complexities. We aim to make these new procedures understandable and accessible in our science communication, thereby addressing topics artistically. Our focus is on diverse, life-long education, collaborative production, and scientifically inspired art. Laypersons and experts are invited to get involved, learn, and exchange ideas eye-to-eye with the scientists. 


Young Researchers

Scientific Education

Did you always wanted to know how the work of a researcher looks like? Do an internship? Want to participate in the programs and events we offer?



Scientific Education

Activities & assignments. Continuity from internship to master thesis is possible


The Tides Within Us & EVOLVER

Collaborative Production

We are research partner of the artists Marshmallow Laser Feast (UK)


Artist Residency STEAM Imaging IV

Artists, school students and scientists explore digital medicine together

“Networking the stakeholders helps exponentiate research success. Opening research and development to society implies that expert knowledge is handled responsibly. Fraunhofer MEVIS stimulates critical dialogue in the public realm about new technologies in digital medicine and creates understanding and acceptance within society with this valuable transfer.”


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Scholz-Reiter, University of Bremen, Rector


Immersive Installation: The Beauty of Blood Flow Analysis


Immersive Installation: Digital Medicine, Arts and STEAM: Before Us Lies ETERNERDY


Artist Residency STEAM Imaging III

Artists, school students and scientists explore digital medicine together


Online Learning Tools

Driven by our research activities we develop online learning tools for online and on-site activities that are adaptable for different ages, aspects and target groups


Science Meets Fiction & Film

Exploring sustainable forms of cooperation and promoting a mutual understanding and learning in workshops about narrative design and digital medicine

Awards & Honors

Industry Award for Best New Media Format, Raw Science Film Festival 2022, for the Tides Within Us

Jury Mention for Storyscapes Award, Tribeca Festival 2022 for EVOLVER

Honorary Mention, STARTS Prize 2021 for The Tides Within Us

Industry Award for Best Infographic, Raw Science Film Festival 2019, for ETERNERDY

Industry Award for Best Immersive Media, Raw Science Film Festival 2018, for Beauty of Blood Flow Analysis

Expert to Expert Communication

Interdisciplinarity plays an essential role in digital medicine. In our projects, we bring together experts from different STEM fields, integrating the arts and humanities, to develop tools and demonstrators for education and communication


Artist Residency STEAM Imaging

Artists, school students and scientists explore digital medicine together

"Great visualization, sophisticated, cutting edge technologies and fore and foremost clinically valuable information"


Dr. Dirk Simon, Siemens Digital Factory, about our 3D short movies


Moving Images & Immersive Experiences

Collaborative Production

Based on Real Medical Data



Hybrid Online and On-site Experiences

The Tides Within Us

Visit our partners, science museums and galleries on site and participate in in-depth workshops and lectures online


Educate Everybody

Scientific Education

We take you on a journey through the world of digital medicine and the associated STEM topics


Medical Interactive Exhibits

Collaborative Production

Based on Real Medical Data


Press Information, Institute News & Media Contact

Science & Art in Digital Medicine

STEAM Imaging – An Experimental Artist Residency

The Beauty of Blood Flow Analysis

This short movie shows the dynamic reconstruction of the blood flow of a healthy human heart. New imaging methods for flow visualizations as shown are integrated into software assistants to help doctors determine how the blood flow changes due to heart diseases without using a catheter. They help calculate how the blood pressure and shear forces on the wall of the blood vessels change for patients with heart valve problems. Additional patient-specific numerical flow simulations could help estimate the benefits provided by a new heart valve before an intervention.  

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