Evaluation of STEAM Imaging II Workshops

© Fraunhofer MEVIS
Fraunhofer MEVIS researcher Sabrina Haase at the STEAM Imaging workshop in Bremen.

The STEAM Imaging II workshops for pupils are part of an artist-in-residence program at Fraunhofer MEVIS in cooperation with the Ars Electronica Center in Linz and the International Fraunhofer Talent School Bremen. In the second edition of the program, two workshops took place, one at Fraunhofer MEVIS in Bremen on October 23-24, 2019 and one in Linz on November 14-15, 2019.

The partners aim to strengthen multidisciplinary talents, encourage students to engage with art, science, and technology to gain new skills to expand their own work practices and ways of expression and thus explore educational models of the future. Hands-on workshops are a core element of this inquiry of the two seemingly disparate disciplines of digital medicine and art. These include both fundamental knowledge and free creative exploration to understand a subject thoroughly.

The workshops were recently evaluated by Dr. Claudia Schnugg, a curator and producer of art and science collaboration and a researcher in the intersections of art and aesthetics with science, technology, and business. The results are published in Evaluation – STEAM Imaging II: Art Meets Medical Research. She describes that the workshops were designed to support and initiate self-determined learning, integrated a diverse range of subjects, theory and practice with the aim to help students to bridge theoretical knowledge to real world situations, and to raise their interest in the topics as well as to help students to recognize the entanglement of subjects at school. In summary, she states that the workshops were able to affect the students positively as set in the goals.