Annual Meeting  /  June 01, 2023  -  June 03, 2023

106th annual meeting of "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pathologie e.V."

"Pathology - More Than Meets the Eye"

In view of the rapid developments in pathology and its revolutionary innovations for the analysis of cells and tissues, the 106th DGP annual meeting will be held in Leipzig from June 1-3, 2023, under the motto "Pathology - more than meets the eye".
The new "in situ" methods of multipara-metric analysis, which allow the analysis of physiological and pathological processes in a cellular and tissue context at the molecular level with unprecedented precision, will be one of the topics.
The linking of the main topic "Hematopathology", a subdiscipline of pathology, with the methodological focus "Multiparametric Cell and Tissue Analysis" is no coincidence, but emphasizes the innovation cycle between method development and practical application.
In interdisciplinary meetings, the joint further development towards synoptic diagnostics for the benefit of the patient is discussed.

As a basis for the future viability of our field, the conference is also dedicated to the topic of education and training as well as the development of scientific career opportunities.

The experts of the Fraunhofer MEVIS team are looking forward to welcoming you again this year at the EMPAIA booth.


Image-based diagnostics have recently made great progress through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) methods. EMPAIA (EcosysteM for Pathology Diagnostics with AI Assistance) aims to enable doctors to use validated and certified AI solutions routinely. To this end, the project is establishing a diagnostic ecosystem using the example of pathology. The cornerstone is a platform on which AI algorithms are further developed and validated. AI services for diagnostics and research are offered, their certification is facilitated by clear legal framework conditions and the orchestration of developers, reference institutes and certifiers. The use of AI is also promoted by removing regulatory, legal, technical and organizational hurdles. The Academy offers half-day advanced training events for skill development.