AI in Radiology: Prof. Hahn gives Opening Lecture at German Radiology Congress

© Fraunhofer MEVIS
Prof. Dr. Horst K. Hahn, institute director of Fraunhofer MEVIS.

Fraunhofer MEVIS institute director Prof. Horst Hahn gives the opening lecture on “How artificial intelligence is changing radiology” at the opening event of the 101st German Radiology Congress, followed by a discussion round.

Due to the dynamic development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 101st German Radiology Congress, originally planned to take place in Leipzig from May 20 to 23, has been transformed into the digital training and information program RÖKO DIGITAL. The virtual opening event of RÖKO DIGITAL traditionally took place on Ascension Day.

The morning of the opening day dealt with the current hot topics of artificial intelligence and COVID-19. After a welcome by the congress presidents of the German and Austrian Radiology Societies, Prof. Hahn gave an invited 40-minute opening lecture on “How artificial intelligence changes radiology”. In the following discussion round, attended by top-class representatives from medicine, industry and research, different aspects of the topic were illuminated and deepened.

As an alternative to attending the cancelled congress in Leipzig, RÖKO DIGITAL is offering the expected more than 7,000 doctors, radiology technicians and medical physicists a wide range of training courses and specialist information on various radiological topics until 14 November 2020.