Volume Rendering

Direct Volume Rendering is a key technique for the visualization of medical image data. It allows to display the image data as acquired by a CT or MRI in a three dimensional rendering without the need for segmentation and mesh creation. We employ many state-of-the-art methods and also developed our own rendering algorithms in order to have the right solution for each application scenario.


AVIS (adaptive volumetric illumination sampling) is our novel direct volume rendering method that facilitates realistic lighting while allowing for interactive changes of all relevant parameters. It renders significantly faster with less noise than comparable approaches. Thus, it is perfectly suited for mixed reality.

Path Tracing

The MeVis Path Tracer offers a state-of-the-art Monte Carlo Path Tracing framework running on CUDA GPUs. It supports high-quality physically based rendering of volumetric and polygonal data, enabling the creation of ultra-realistic visualizations.

Giga Voxel Renderer

The GVR (Giga Voxel Renderer) is an octree-based volume render that allows high-quality volume rendering of 3D/4D images.