Fraunhofer MEVIS at ECR 2012 in Vienna

This year, Fraunhofer MEVIS is presenting four software assistants for image-based diagnosis and therapy at IMAGINE:

  • 2877: Research Application for Comprehensive Cardiac Analysis
  • 2885: Novel Features of NeuroQLab - A Software Assistant for Evaluating Neuroimaging Data
  • 2941: Software-Assisted Access Path Planning and Optimization of Image-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation
  • 2950: HAMAM – Novel Software Tools for Efficient Assessment of Multi-Modal Breast Imaging

IMAGINE is being organised by EIBIR’s biomedical image analysis platform. The mission of this platform is to promote biomedical image analysis research on a European and international level, to foster collaboration, and to establish educational activities in this field. Rather than by invitation, this year’s ‘EIBIR presents IMAGINE’ includes 18 contributions that were selected by peer review. In total, 83 academic and industrial research groups submitted abstracts, which were reviewed by members of the biomedical image analysis platform.