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We provide comprehensive support for image-based clinical studies including imaging protocol design, image analysis software, quality assessment tools, and data management.

Our interdisciplinary team holds in-depth knowledge in image processing and image acquisition, wide experience in tumor quantification for oncological studies, as well as the technical background to create stand-alone and web-based software tools for multi-center trials. The application of our innovative research and state-of-the-art algorithms combined with automated image quality assessment allows us to offer software solutions for optimized study evaluations.



Response Evaluation in Oncology

Assess changes over time with our 2D and 3D methods for reliable, easy-to-use and accurate response quantification. 

Automated Image Quality Analysis

Accelerate quallity assessment by automated computation of scanner-dependent image features, identification of image artifacts, and consistency checks of scan protocols.   

Extendible DICOM Web Viewer

The zero-footprint web viewer and other browser applications allow readers to work from any computer within the study network or via the internet.

At a Glance

Customized Software Solutions

We develop individual solutions to streamline and optimize workflow and quality in clinical studies. Our flexible software framework allows for fast integration of algorithms into tailor-made applications and customer environments.

Study Design and Data Management

Our interdisciplinary team supports the development of dedicated study sequences and protocols, offers cross-platform optimization of imaging protocols and image data management with sophisticated web-based viewing technology.


Advanced Image Processing

Our R&D platform provides a variety of image processing algorithms to detect and quantify objects, to align data from different modalities and time points, and to solve specific challenges in clinical trial evaluation.

Technological Excellence

We utilize our scientific excellence in these core competences:

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