New web-based tool "Inside Insight" Combines Science and Artistic Exploration


© Fraunhofer MEVIS / Hannah Klatt
Web-based STEAM-tool "Inside Insight" Combines Science and Artistic Exploration

How can we use the potential of scientific expertise and artistic creativity to make STEM-topics accessible with fun?

In the field of medical technology, we are accustomed to working across disciplines. With our web-based interactive STEAM-application "Inside Insight" we teach now in a two-and-a-half hour online workshop methods of medical image processing for 12 to 14 year old students. We create an understanding of the value of physics, mathematics and computer science for medical imaging as a basis to interact with the medical images in a digital artistically way. How are medical images taken and how do doctors use them to make diagnoses? The aim is to foster engagement with and ownership of future technology.