Congress  /  June 20, 2018  -  June 23, 2018


Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

Meet us @ the 32nd CARS Congress in Berlin.

This highly regarded event gives scientists, engineers, and physicians a forum to present and discuss their latest innovations and solutions in a worldwide and multidisciplinary exchange.


This year Fraunhofer MEVIS contributes the following topics:


Invited Talk

Innovations and trends in cardiovascular intervention support - Navigation support through shape sensing (Horst K. Hahn)    Program Info


Virtual Downsizing for Decision Support in Mitral Valve Repair (Mathias Neugebauer)    Program Info

Extraction of Open-State Mitral Valve Geometry from CT Volumes (Lennart Tautz)    Program Info

Fully automatic quantification of mean-upper cervical cord area: Agreement with multiple human raters (Florian Weiler)    Program Info


Deep learning based segmentation of organs of the female pelvis in CBCT scans (Annika Hänsch)    Program Info

Investigation of local liver strain derived from deformation fields used for radioembolization planning of the liver (Nadine Spahr)   

Program Info