Fraunhofer MEVIS successful at MICCAI 2019 Challenges

October 22, 2019

© Fraunhofer MEVIS

Fraunhofer MEVIS scientists have successfully participated in two challenges that took place as satellite events at the 22nd International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI 2019) in Shenzhen, China, from October 13 to 17.

Luca Canalini won the first place of three participants in the challenge “Correction of Brain shift with Intra-Operative Ultrasound (CuRIOUS 2019: US-US registration)” with his contribution “Registration of ultrasound volumes based on Euclidean distance transform”.

Constantin Disch’s contribution “Short-term end-to-end LSTM-based phase recognition” took third place of eight participants in the phase segmentation task of the challenge “Surgical Workflow and Skill Analysis” as part of the “Endoscopic Vision Challenge”.

Challenges have become an integral part of MICCAI conferences in the past years. Their aim is to provide a fair and direct comparison of different methodological solutions to a common problem. Challenges address a well-defined open problem relevant to the MICCAI, provide high-quality data for testing/training algorithms, and define a clear assessment procedure.