We Flow into the World, and the World Flows into Us — The Beauty of Blood Flow

© Marshmallow Laser Feast
We Flow into the World, and the World Flows into Us — The Beauty of Blood Flow.
© Marshmallow Laser Feast

Conclusion of an innovative art, science, and technology collaboration on the human body by the artist collective Marshmallow Laser Feast and Fraunhofer MEVIS.

The partners present a behind-the-scenes documentary on the series of audio-immersive and VR installations created in collaboration and driven by their shared amazement about the human body. The works explore notions of interconnectivity between humans, the environment, and digital technology. Following the journey of oxygen through the body, the installations reveal the human connection with the environment through every breath and each heartbeat.

The creators explored the beauty and wonder of the human body from a deliberately new perspective. Using medical blood flow reconstructions and a supersized digital model of a cardiovascular system, and running particle simulations through it, the representation of our bodies is revealed in ways never seen before.  

Pushing the frontiers of media art and science engagement, these mind-expanding works allow audiences to explore the spatial installations physically, rediscovering the human body as landscape, and the miracle of blood flow in the heart deep inside the body regardless of gender, age, and race. As attention zooms inwards to the tree-like lungs, where oxygen meets the blood flow, up to the brain, down to the limbs, to the fingers and toes and further to the cellular levels of the body, the audience becomes aware how the cycle of respiration connects us one to another and to the natural world.