Computer Assistance for Breast Imaging: From Screening to Therapy

Clinical Challenge

Breast cancer occurs frequently and is life-threatening, but the disease is potentially curable if detected early and treated appropriately. We participate in a number of large (inter)national projects and collaborate closely with radiologists and surgeons to provide them with computer assistance tools that can aid diagnosis and treatment and improve the clinical workflow. We perform this for all popular modalities, including mammography, tomosynthesis, 3D-volume breast ultrasound, MRI, and other emerging technologies.


  • Mammogram homogenization & analysis
  • Integration of adjunct modalities
  • Evaluation of novel MRI imaging protocols
  • Software emulation of clinical workflows



  • Multi-modal image correlation and fusion
  • Motion correction for dynamic images
  • Assessment of temporal changes
  • Automatic breast measurements
  • Lesion segmentation and quantification
  • Contrast-enhanced imaging



Novel approaches to visualization and human-computer interaction:

  • Image-based computer-aided diagnosis
  • Biopsy navigation support



Efficient integration of personal mobile devices into the clinical reality:

  • Interventional treatment planning
  • Surgical navigation support



  • Patient-specific breast tissue modeling
  • Breast deformation simulation
  • Image processing, registration, and fusion
  • Rapid prototyping for breast applications