Cardiac Function in Real-time (CaFuR)

Real-time MRI Analysis - Automatic, Quantitative and Multi-cycle

Aimed at the inspection of changes in cardiac function due to influences such as breathing or arrhythmia, the software suite CaFuR provides advanced segmentation, registration and exploration techniques. These features enable the automatic calculation of functional cardiac parameters per heart cycle as well as their variation over time. Automated analysis, modularity, data scalability and the advanced multi-cycle data exploration set CaFuR apart as a cutting-edge software solution for the efficient analysis of real-time cardiac-MRI.

Quantitative Assessment of Functional Variability with Real-time MRI

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Schematic structure of the heart. The time diagram in the background shows the blood volume in the left ventricle (left) and the blood flow in the aortic arch (right).

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the best diagnostic procedure for many cardiac conditions, but is complicated and expensive. Our software add-on to existing MRI scanners allows diagnosis on novel real-time imaging sequences, which simplifies the procedure, significantly reduces the cost per patient and provides additional diagnostic information.


Image based detection of the cardiac cycle with a continuous image acquisition enables a fast robust acquisition - even of Arrhythmia patients.


Innovative multi-slice multi-cycle quantification enables the analysis of free-breathing techniques. Free-breathing measurements lead to a reduced scan-time and higher comfort for the patient and enables exams of small children.

Assessment of Functional Variability

The analysis of multi-cycle real-time MRI enables to quantify the variability of functional parameters of the heart under breathing-maneuvers or under (physical) stress, which can provide new insights into the physiological and pathological state of the heart.

Examination speed-up 
enabled by CaFuR

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Conventional ECG-based MRI takes 60 or more minutes of scanner time and consists of a single heart-cycle analysis. CaFuR's real-time and ECG-less MRI is 40% faster and facilitate multi-cycle analysis. The automatic analysis takes just 2 min - compared to an interactive hours-long image analysis of a technician a huge advance.

Comprehensive Interface guides through the Workflow

  • Automatic Myocardium and Vessel Segmentation & Tracking
  • Automatic Cardiac Cycle Detection
  • Quantitative Evaluation of Cardiac Flow & Function (End-Diastolic Fraction, End-Systolic Fraction, Stroke Volume, Ejection Fraction): Globally, Slicewise and Cyclewise
  • Motion Analysis (by Elastic Registration): Radial Strain and Torsion – Wall Thickness


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„Fraunhofer MEVIS does not ensure compliance to medical product regulations for the CaFuR software.

Hence, CaFuR is not certified as medical device and is not qualified for clinical use, but strictly for non-clinical use or research purposes only - Fraunhofer MEVIS