The mission of Fraunhofer MEVIS is to advance health care by researching and bringing to market solutions for digital medicine, bridging between integrated diagnostics, intelligent interventions, multimodal imaging, and healthcare informatics.

Key Objectives

Our focus is to make an impact in clinical routine use. We work closely with clinical and industrial partners to ensure the relevance of our work, to select research topics based on the expected impact on medical care, and to translate our R&D results into viable innovations.

We strive to improve accuracy, safety, and efficiency of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures by utilizing our medical computing competences: image acquisition and reconstruction, image processing and analysis, mathematical modelling and simulation, machine learning, as well as human-computer-interaction and user experience engineering.

Based on rapid prototyping of software applications, modular software development, and efficient ISO-certified quality assurance, we position ourselves as a prime partner for research and development in the area of computer-assisted medicine as well as for translation of research results into medical products.