Interactive Monitoring of the Radiotherapy Treatment Course

Treatment board application on screen.
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Treatment board application on screen.

Clinical Challenge


Advanced planning methods in adaptive radiotherapy facilitate more precise radiation delivery to patients. Precise observation and control of the therapy progress is required for successful treatments. Information on the current status, potential deviations from the treatment plan, changes of tissue structures, and other indicators for re-planning must be evaluated by the clinician throughout the treatment period. Preparing this information from available data and presenting it effectively helps to establish a more efficient clinical workflow.


Solutions and Features

We provide a solution for interactive monitoring of radiotherapy treatment for head and neck cancer patients. It runs in a web browser and provides easy and quick access to all therapy data. Moreover, it offers several methods to analyze the entire course of the treatment:

  • Intuitive navigation bar
  • Deformable image registration
  • Contour propagation
  • Interactive 3D contour correction
  • Tracking of volumetric changes
  • Dose trend analysis
Adaptive Radiotherapy
© Fraunhofer MEVIS
Our web-based tool for monitoring and analyzing the radiotherapy treatment course.



  • Intuitive timeline-based overview of the course of the treatment with related image data
  • Robust and fast deformable image registration with sound mathematical modeling and efficient numerics
  • Automatic contour propagation to all control images
  • Efficient and intuitive 3D contour correction for re-planning scenarios