Reader Guidance in Imaging Studies


Image reading in clinical trials is a highly complex task and for sponsors a substantial expense factor. Software solutions with sophisticated and intuitive concepts for reader guidance are a key component to

  • quickly conduct the reading phase
  • achieve robust and reliable results
  • reduce the need for adjudications or reassessments
  • increase reader satisfaction.


Solution & Features

To achieve the above aims our software includes the following key features

  • Integrated framework for image analysis and data management
  • Web-based solution to support de-centralized readings
  • Dedicated tools for convenient and robust 2D and 3D measurements
  • Easy navigation to all findings in follow-up assessments
  • Automatic checks for completeness, plausibility and conformity with the trial’s rule set (e.g. Recist, mRecist, Lugano)
  • Comprehensive response grid view
  • User interfaces tailored to each trial including necessary features only
  • Configurability of all supported study criteria to simplify adoption for further studies without the need of a new software release.



Our algorithms and concepts for reader guidance are an integral part of a framework to build customized solutions for oncological and other clinical trials. Specific implementations are successfully used by our partners for various trials in oncology.