Hannah Strohm

  • Research Scientist
  • Deep Learning
  • Electrical Engineer



Walluscheck S, Canalini L, Strohm H, Diekmann S, Klein J, Heldmann S (2023) MR-CT multi-atlas registration guided by fully automated brain structure segmentation with CNNs. Int J CARS 18:483–491


Strohm H, Kuhlen V, Jenne J, Günther M, Rothlübbers S (2022) Effect of Geometric and Transmit Corrections on Global Speed of Sound Estimation. Proceedings of the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS). pp 1–4


Hyun D, Wiacek A, Goudarzi S, Rothluebbers S, Asif A, Eickel K, Eldar Y, Huang J, Mischi M Rivaz H, Sinden D, van Sloun RJG, Strohm H, Bell MAL (2021) Deep Learning for Ultrasound Image Formation: CUBDL Evaluation Framework & Open Datasets. IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control 68(12):3466–3483


Rothluebbers S, Strohm H, Eickel K, Jenne J, Kuhlen V, Sinden D, Günther M (2020) Improving Image Quality of Single Plane Wave Ultrasound via Deep Learning Based Channel Compounding. IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium
Strohm H, Rothlübbers S, Eickel K, Günther M (2020) Deep learning-based reconstruction of ultrasound images from raw channel data. Int J CARS 15:1487–1490
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