Prof. Dr. Tobias Preusser

Research interests

  • Modelling and Simulation of bio-medical processes with partial differential equations
  • Mathematical image processing with applications in medicine
  • Scientific visualization with partial differential equations
  • Efficient numerical implementation of PDE-models, multi-grid methods and multi-scale methods


Ristovski G, Garbers N, Hahn HK, Preusser T, Linsen L (2019) Uncertainty-aware visual analysis of radiofrequency ablation simulations. Comput Graph 79:24–35


Strehlow J, Spahr N, Rühaak J, Laue H, Abolmaali N, Preusser T, Schenk A (2018) Landmark-based evaluation of a deformable motion correction for DCE-MRI of the liver. Int J CARS 13(4):597–606


Georgii J, Paetz T, Rieder C, Preusser T (2017) Planning and Simulation of Cryoablation in the prostate. Proceedings of CIRSE Annual Meeting
Mihcin S, Karakitsios I, Le N, Strehlow J, Demedts D, Schwenke M, Haase S, Preusser T, Melzer A (2017) Methodology on quantification of sonication duration for safe application of MR guided focused ultrasound for liver tumour ablation. Comput Methods Programs Biomed 152:125–130
Mirzaee H, Henn T, Krause MJ, Goubergrits L, Schumann C, Neugebauer M, Kuehne T, Preusser T, Hennemuth A (2017) MRI-based computational hemodynamics in patients with aortic coarctation using the lattice Boltzmann methods: Clinical validation study. J Magn Reson Imaging 45(1):139–146
Schwen LO, Kuepfer L, Preusser T (2017) Modeling approaches for hepatic spatial heterogeneity in pharmacokinetic simulations. Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models 22(2016):35–43
Schwenke M, Georgii J, Preusser T (2017) Fast Numerical Simulation of Focused Ultrasound Treatments during Respiratory Motion with Discontinuous Motion Boundaries. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 64(7):1455–1468
Schwenke M, Strehlow J, Demedts D, Haase S, Barrios Romero D, Rothlübbers S, von Dresky C, Zidowitz S, Georgii J, Mihcin S, Bezzi M, Tanner C, Sat G, Levy Y, Jenne J, Günther M, Melzer A, Preusser T (2017) A focused ultrasound treatment system for moving targets (part I): generic system design and in-silico first-stage evaluation. J Ther Ultrasound 5(1)


Lübke D, Georgii J, Schwenke M, v. Dresky C, Haller J, Günther M, Preusser T, Jenne JW (2016) Comparison of MR thermometry and HIFU simulations in a calibrated setup. Proc. of the 16th International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound
Schwen LO, Homeyer A, Schwier M, Dahmen U, Dirsch O, Schenk A, Kuepfer L, Preusser T, Schenk A (2016) Zonated quantification of steatosis in an entire mouse liver. Comput Biol Med 73:108–118

At Jacobs University Bremen


Fall Semester 2016

  • Lecture: Elements of Probability, Elements of Stochastic Processes


Spring Semester 2016

  • Lecture: Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
  • Lecture: Topics in Mathematical Modeling: Mathematical Modeling of Medical Processes 


Fall-Semester 2015

  • Lecture: Calculus I/II
  • Lecture: Numerical Analysis


Spring Semester 2015

  • Sabbatical Semester    


Spring-Semester 2012-2014

  • Lecture: Topics in Mathematical Modeling: Mathematical Modeling of Medical Processes
  • Lab: Nonlinear Dynamics Lab (with M. Hütt, M. Oliver, A. Merico)
  • Seminar: Problems in Computational Analysis (Seminar, with M. Oliver, P. Oswald, G. Pfander)    


Fall-Semester 2011-2014

  • Lecture: General Mathematics and Computational Science I
  • Lecture: Numerical Analysis
  • Seminar: Problems in Computational Analysis (Seminar, with M. Oliver, P. Oswald, G. Pfander) 


Spring-Semester 2011

  • Lecture: Topics in Mathematical Modeling: Mathematical Modeling of Medical Processes


Fall-Semester 2010

  • Lecture: General Mathematics and Computational Science I
  • Lecture: Numerical Analysis
  • Seminar: Intersession Seminar „Mathematical Physiology“ (Block-Seminar)
  • Seminar: Problems in Computational Analysis (Seminar, with M. Oliver, P. Oswald, G. Pfander)


Spring-Semester 2010

  • Lecture: Topics in Mathematical Modeling: Mathematical Modeling of Medical Processes
  • Seminar: Problems in Computational Analysis (Seminar, with M. Oliver, P. Oswald, G. Pfander)    

Fall-Semester 2009

  • Lecture: General Mathematics and Computational Science I
  • Lecture: Numerical Analysis
  • Seminar: Problems in Computational Analysis (Seminar, with M. Oliver, P. Oswald, G. Pfander)      

Spring-Semester 2009

  • Lecture: Topics in Mathematical Modeling: Mathematical Modeling of Medical Processes 


At University of Bremen

Winter-Semester 2008

  • Übungen zur Vorlesung "Höhere Mathematik"


Sommer-Semester 2008


Winter-Semester 2007/08


Sommer-Semester 2007


Winter-Semester 2006/07


Winter-Semester 2005/06


Summer-Semester 2005


Winter-Semester 2004/05


Summer-Semester 2004


Winter-Semester 2003/04

  • June 2016, Latsis Symposium, Zurich, "Model based computer assistance as key technology for patient specific thermal ablation of liver tumors"
  • November 2015, WIAS Berlin, Workshop "Direct and Inverse Problems with Random Coefficients", "Stochastic collocation for SPDE constrained optimal control"
  • July 2015, American Association of Physicists in Medicine, Annual Meeting, "TRANS-FUSIMO” An integrative approach to model based treatment planning of liver FUS"
  • April 2015, MATHEON Seminar Berlin, "Use cases for the modelling and simulation of liver blood flow and perfusion"
  • Juni 2014, Scheswig Holsteinische Bildverarbeitungstage, Itzehoe, "Radiologie jenseits des Auges“ mathematische Modellierung & Simulation für patientenindividuelle thermische Ablation"
  • April 2014, KAVLI Gafos Frontiers of Science Symposium, National Science Foundation & Humboldt Foundation, Irvine, CA, USA, "Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Thermal Ablation under Data Uncertainty"
  • October 2013, European FUS Symposium Rome, "Patient Specific Modeling and Simulation of Focused Ultrasound in Moving Organs"
  • February 2013, EASLConference Systems Biology of the Liver, Luxembourg, "Blood flow and liver regeneration on organ scale"
  • January 2013, Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, "Stochastic collocation for optimization of radio frequency ablation under parameter uncertainty"
  • June 2012, European Association for Endoscopic Surgery 2012, Brussels, "Patient specific simulation for treatment planning"
  • June 2012, International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound 2012, Heidelberg, "Modeling and simulation of high intensity focused ultrasound for thermal tumor ablation"
  • February 2012, Computer Aided Liver Surgery 2012, Bern, Keynote Talk "Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Ablation"
  • June 2011, European Association for Endoscopic Surgery 2011, Turin, "Patient specific numerical modeling and simulation for liver surgery and tumor ablation; a tool for validation?"
  • May 2011, ESHO 2011, Aarhus, "Numerical Simulation and Optimization for the planning of RF Ablation"
  • October 2010, Seminar des Institut für Mathematik, Universität Lübeck, "Modeling and Simulation Support for the Planning of RF Ablation"
  • August 2010, Workshop Imaging with Incomplete/Modulated Data, Universität Graz, "Image Processing under Gray Value Uncertainty"
  • January 2010, Kolloquium Mathematik, Universität Münster, "Modeling and Simulati-on Support for the Planning of RF Ablation"
  • February 2008, Jacobs University Bremen, Transdisciplinary Sciences Wednesday Col-loquium, "Image Based Computing for the Planning of Radio-Frequency Ablation"
  • December 2007, IPAM Cells and Materials, UCLA, Reunion Conference, Lake Ar-rowhead, "Medical Simulation in the Presence of Material Parameter Uncertainty"
  • November 2007, Kolloquium des Zentrums für Modellierung und Simulation, Universität Hamburg, "
  • September 2007, Scientific Computing Institute, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • January 2007, Colloquium Neurosensorics, University of Oldenburg, Germany, " Image Processing and Image Based Computing for Medical Treatment Planning "
  • November 2006, Applied Analysis Seminar, International University Bremen, Germany, " Joint image denoising and optical flow extraction "
  • June 2006, IPAM Cells and Materials, Culminating Workshop, Lake Arrowhead, "3D Composite Finite Elements for Scalar Problems with Jumping Coefficients"
  • May 2006, Level-Set Collective, UCLA, "Nonlinear anisotropic geometric diffusion in image denoising"
  • February 2006, ZIB, Berlin, "Nonlinear anisotropic geometric diffusion in image denoising"
  • January 2005, Forschungszentrum Jülich, "Anisotropic Nonlinear Levelset Methods in Image Processing"
  • September 2004, TU Munich, Summerschool Graduiertenkolleg Angewandte Algorithmische Mathematik, "PDE-Methods in Multiscale-Image-Processing"
  • June 2004, Zürich University, "A characteristic approach for transport diffusion using composite finite element methods"
  • February 2002, Dortmund University, "Transport and Anisotropic Diffusion in Time Dependent Flow Visualization"
  • January 2001, Bayreuth University, "Diffusion Models in Computer Vision Applications"
  • February 2001, Bologna University, "Adaptive Finite Elements in Large Scale Image Processing"
  • September 2000, Algoritmy, High Tatra Mountains, "Diffusion Models in Computer Vision Applications"
  • September 1999, Heidelberg University, Summerschool on Numerical Simulation of Flows, "PDE Methods in Flow Visualization"

  • March 2015, 36th Northern German Colloquium on Applied Analysis and Numerical Mathematics
  • October 2014, Symposium of the FUS Foundation, Bethesda, USA, "Clinical Translation of Patient Specific Modelling and Simulation of Focused Ultrasound in Moving Organs"
  • June 2014, European Conference on Mathematics in Industry, Taormina, Sicily, "Considering uncertain Data in PDE based medical image processing"
  • April 2013, Society for Thermal Medicine, Aruba, "Patient Specific Modeling and Simulation of Focused Ultrasound in Moving Organs"
  • April 2013, Society for Thermal Medicine, Aruba, "Review of Finite Difference & Finite Element Methods in the Simulation of Thermal Ablation"
  • March 2013, DGBMT Symposium "Hospital of the Future", "Patient Specific Model-ing and Simulation of Focused Ultrasound in Moving Organs"
  • September 2012, Algoritmy, High Tatra Mountains, "Image Processing with uncertain gray values using stochastic PDEs"
  • June 2012, SIAM Conference on Imaging Science, Philadelphia, "Image processing with stochastic PDEs"
  • April 2012, Society for Thermal Medicine, Portland, "Software-assisted access path planning and optimization of image-guided radiofrequency ablation"
  • September 2011, IFIP 2011, Berlin, "Optimization of thermal tumor ablation"
  • September 2011, ENUMATH 2011, Leicester, "Ambrosio Tortorelli image segmentation of stochastic images"
  • April 2011, Annual Meeting of the Society for Thermal Medicine, New Orleans, "Computer-assisted risk prevention in radio frequency ablation of liver tumors."
  • February 2010, Symposium Simulation für robuste Produkte und Prozesse, Bremen, "Optimale Therapieplanung in der Medizintechnik durch patientenindividuelle Simulation"
  • September 2009, 14th Belgian-French-German Conference on Optimization, Leuven, "Probe Optimization under Tissue Parameter Uncertainty in Radiofrequency Ablation"
  • July 2009, 2nd international Workshop Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences, Bremerhaven, "Challenges in Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Visualization of Medical Processes"
  • March 2009, Computational Applied Mathematics Colloquium, Jacobs University Bremen, "Nonlinear anisotropic diffusion in image denoising"
  • November 2008, DFG Expertensymposium Medizintechnik, Potsdam, "Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation in Medicine"
  • May 2008, SIAM Conference on Optimization, Boston, "PDE Constrained Optimiza-tion with Uncertain Input"
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  • March 2007, SPP 1253-Kolloquium, Linz, Österreich, "Optimization of the probe-location in radio-frequency-ablationr"
  • February 2007, Fraunhofer ITWM Kaiserslautern, Arbeitsgruppe Optimierung, "Simulation and Optimization of the Radio-Frequency-Ablation"
  • July 2006, Oberseminar MeVis, "Multigrid Methods for the solution of Partial Differential Equations"
  • May 2006, IPAM Cells and Materials, UCLA, Los Angeles, "Simulation of Radio-Frequency Ablation"
  • February 2006, Oberseminar MeVis, "A variational approach to joint denoising, edge detection and motion estimation"
  • October 2005, Visualization 2005, Minneapolis, "Level set method for 3D anisotropic geometric diffusion"
  • October 2005, Visualization 2005, Minneapolis, "PDE methods in flow field post-processing"
  • August 2005, PDE-Based Image Processing and Related Inverse Problems, Oslo, "Anisotropic nonlinear level-set methods in image and surface denoising"
  • March 2005, SimVis, Magdeburg, "On the modelling of perfusion in the Simulation of RF-Ablation"
  • February 2005, Winter-Workshop Modern Aspects of Image Sequence Analysis, "Extracting optical flow using geometric information"
  • September 2004, SPP 1114-Kolloquium, "Flow field clustering via algebraic multigrid"
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  • June 2004, Oberseminar Wavelet Analysis and Inverse Problems, Bremen University, "Viscosity Solutions"
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