Prof. Dr. Tobias Preusser

Research interests

  • Modelling and Simulation of bio-medical processes with partial differential equations
  • Mathematical image processing with applications in medicine
  • Scientific visualization with partial differential equations
  • Efficient numerical implementation of PDE-models, multi-grid methods and multi-scale methods


Mirzaee H, Henn T, Krause MJ, Goubergrits L, Schumann C, Neugebauer M, Kuehne T, Preusser T, Hennemuth A (2017) MRI-based computational hemodynamics in patients with aortic coarctation using the lattice Boltzmann methods: Clinical validation study. J Magn Reson Imaging 45(1):139–146


Lübke D, Georgii J, Schwenke M, v. Dresky C, Haller J, Günther M, Preusser T, Jenne JW (2016) Comparison of MR thermometry and HIFU simulations in a calibrated setup. Proc. of the 16th International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound
Schwen LO, Homeyer A, Schwier M, Dahmen U, Dirsch O, Schenk A, Kuepfer L, Preusser T, Schenk A (2016) Zonated quantification of steatosis in an entire mouse liver. Comput Biol Med 73:108–118
Schwenke M., Strehlow J., Haase S., Tanner C., Rothlübbers S., Preusser T (2016) A real-time data processing framework for steered FUS. 5th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound: North Bethesda, MD, USA. 28 August- 1 September 2016
Schwenke M, Georgii J, Preusser T (2016) Fast Numerical Simulation of Focused Ultrasound Treatments during Respiratory Motion with Discontinuous Motion Boundaries. IEEE T Bio-Med Eng 64(5)


Rieder C, Ballhausen H, Poch F, Gemeinhard O, Lehmann K, Preusser T (2015) Ex Vivo Validation of a Numerical Simulation for Multipolar Radiofrequency Ablation. Proc. of CURAC 2015. pp 55–60
Schumann C, Rieder C, Haase S, Teichert K, Süss P, Isfort P, Bruners P, Preusser T (2015) Interactive multi-criteria planning for radiofrequency ablation. Int J CARS 10(6):879–889
Schwen LO, Pätz T, Preusser T (2015) Some Use Cases for Composite Finite Elements in Image Based Computing. In: Joldes GR, Doyle B, Wittek A, Nielsen PMF, Miller K (eds) MICCAI 2015 Workshop Proceedings Computational Biomechanics for Medicine X. pp 128–140
Schwen LO, Schenk A, Kreutz C, Timmer J, Bartolomé Rodriguez MM, Kuepfer L, Preusser T (2015) Representative Sinusoids for Hepatic Four-Scale Pharmacokinetics Simulations. PLoS ONE 10(7):e0133653
Schwen LO, Wei W, Gremse F, Ehling J, Wang L, Dahmen U, Preusser T (2015) Algorithmically Generated Rodent Hepatic Vascular Trees in Arbitrary Detail. J Theor Biol 365:289–300

At Jacobs University Bremen

Spring-Semester 2011

  • Lecture: Topics in Mathematical Modeling: Mathematical Modeling of Medical Processes
  • Lecture: Bioninformatics and computational biology I


Fall-Semester 2010

  • Lecture: General Mathematics and Computational Science I
  • Lecture: Numerical Analysis


Spring-Semester 2010

  • Lecture: Topics in Mathematical Modeling: Mathematical Modeling of Medical Processes


Fall-Semester 2009

  • Lecture: General Mathematics and Computational Science I
  • Lecture: Numerical Analysis


Spring-Semester 2009

  • Lecture: Topics in Mathematical Modeling: Mathematical Modeling of Medical Processes



At University of Bremen

Winter-Semester 2008

  • Übungen zur Vorlesung "Höhere Mathematik"


Sommer-Semester 2008


Winter-Semester 2007/08


Sommer-Semester 2007


Winter-Semester 2006/07


Winter-Semester 2005/06


Summer-Semester 2005


Winter-Semester 2004/05


Summer-Semester 2004


Winter-Semester 2003/04

  • July 2015, American Association of Physicists in Medicine, Annual Meeting, "TRANS-FUSIMO” An integrative approach to model based treatment planning of liver FUS"
  • April 2015, MATHEON Seminar Berlin, "Use cases for the modelling and simulation of liver blood flow and perfusion"
  • Juni 2014, Scheswig Holsteinische Bildverarbeitungstage, Itzehoe, "Radiologie jenseits des Auges“ mathematische Modellierung & Simulation für patientenindividuelle thermische Ablation"
  • April 2014, KAVLI Gafos Frontiers of Science Symposium, National Science Foundation & Humboldt Foundation, Irvine, CA, USA, "Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Thermal Ablation under Data Uncertainty"
  • October 2013, European FUS Symposium Rome, "Patient Specific Modeling and Simulation of Focused Ultrasound in Moving Organs"
  • February 2013, EASLConference Systems Biology of the Liver, Luxembourg, "Blood flow and liver regeneration on organ scale"
  • January 2013, Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, "Stochastic collocation for optimization of radio frequency ablation under parameter uncertainty"
  • June 2012, European Association for Endoscopic Surgery 2012, Brussels, "Patient specific simulation for treatment planning"
  • June 2012, International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound 2012, Heidelberg, "Modeling and simulation of high intensity focused ultrasound for thermal tumor ablation"
  • February 2012, Computer Aided Liver Surgery 2012, Bern, Keynote Talk "Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Ablation"
  • June 2011, European Association for Endoscopic Surgery 2011, Turin, "Patient specific numerical modeling and simulation for liver surgery and tumor ablation; a tool for validation?"
  • May 2011, ESHO 2011, Aarhus, "Numerical Simulation and Optimization for the planning of RF Ablation"
  • October 2010, Seminar des Institut für Mathematik, Universität Lübeck, "Modeling and Simulation Support for the Planning of RF Ablation"
  • August 2010, Workshop Imaging with Incomplete/Modulated Data, Universität Graz, "Image Processing under Gray Value Uncertainty"
  • January 2010, Kolloquium Mathematik, Universität Münster, "Modeling and Simulati-on Support for the Planning of RF Ablation"
  • February 2008, Jacobs University Bremen, Transdisciplinary Sciences Wednesday Col-loquium, "Image Based Computing for the Planning of Radio-Frequency Ablation"
  • December 2007, IPAM Cells and Materials, UCLA, Reunion Conference, Lake Ar-rowhead, "Medical Simulation in the Presence of Material Parameter Uncertainty"
  • November 2007, Kolloquium des Zentrums für Modellierung und Simulation, Universität Hamburg, "
  • September 2007, Scientific Computing Institute, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • January 2007, Colloquium Neurosensorics, University of Oldenburg, Germany, " Image Processing and Image Based Computing for Medical Treatment Planning "
  • November 2006, Applied Analysis Seminar, International University Bremen, Germany, " Joint image denoising and optical flow extraction "
  • June 2006, IPAM Cells and Materials, Culminating Workshop, Lake Arrowhead, "3D Composite Finite Elements for Scalar Problems with Jumping Coefficients"
  • May 2006, Level-Set Collective, UCLA, "Nonlinear anisotropic geometric diffusion in image denoising"
  • February 2006, ZIB, Berlin, "Nonlinear anisotropic geometric diffusion in image denoising"
  • January 2005, Forschungszentrum Jülich, "Anisotropic Nonlinear Levelset Methods in Image Processing"
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  • February 2002, Dortmund University, "Transport and Anisotropic Diffusion in Time Dependent Flow Visualization"
  • January 2001, Bayreuth University, "Diffusion Models in Computer Vision Applications"
  • February 2001, Bologna University, "Adaptive Finite Elements in Large Scale Image Processing"
  • September 2000, Algoritmy, High Tatra Mountains, "Diffusion Models in Computer Vision Applications"
  • September 1999, Heidelberg University, Summerschool on Numerical Simulation of Flows, "PDE Methods in Flow Visualization"

  • March 2015, 36th Northern German Colloquium on Applied Analysis and Numerical Mathematics
  • October 2014, Symposium of the FUS Foundation, Bethesda, USA, "Clinical Translation of Patient Specific Modelling and Simulation of Focused Ultrasound in Moving Organs"
  • June 2014, European Conference on Mathematics in Industry, Taormina, Sicily, "Considering uncertain Data in PDE based medical image processing"
  • April 2013, Society for Thermal Medicine, Aruba, "Patient Specific Modeling and Simulation of Focused Ultrasound in Moving Organs"
  • April 2013, Society for Thermal Medicine, Aruba, "Review of Finite Difference & Finite Element Methods in the Simulation of Thermal Ablation"
  • March 2013, DGBMT Symposium "Hospital of the Future", "Patient Specific Model-ing and Simulation of Focused Ultrasound in Moving Organs"
  • September 2012, Algoritmy, High Tatra Mountains, "Image Processing with uncertain gray values using stochastic PDEs"
  • June 2012, SIAM Conference on Imaging Science, Philadelphia, "Image processing with stochastic PDEs"
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