Fraunhofer MEVIS at ECR 2011

Fraunhofer MEVIS presents software assistants for image-based diagnosis and therapy that cover a wide range of medical disciplines and clinical applications. An emphasis is put on interactive quantitative blood flow and pressure measurements in cardiac MRI as well as efficient and reproducible evaluation of neuroimaging data. Visitors of the IMAGINE exhibition are invited to experience in hands-on presentations the capabilities and usefulness of modern image-based software assistants for quantitative image analysis and therapy planning that are increasingly integrated into the clinical workflow.

Starting this year, IMAGINE is being organised by EIBIR’s biomedical image analysis platform. The mission of this platform is to promote biomedical image analysis research on a European and international level, to foster collaboration, and to establish educational activities in this field. Rather than by invitation, this year’s ‘EIBIR presents IMAGINE’ includes 18 contributions that were selected by peer review. In total, 58 academic and industrial research groups submitted abstracts, which were reviewed by members of the biomedical image analysis platform.