MEVIS Researchers Win NVIDIA Demo Contest in Boston

© Alexis Girault
Award ceremony of the 2017 NVIDIA Demo Contest.

Fraunhofer MEVIS researcher Jennifer Nitsch and Hans Meine won the NVIDIA Demo Contest at the 24th Project Week of the National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC) which was held during the week of January 9-13, 2017 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.

The 2017 NVIDIA Demo Contest focused on Deep Learning. Jennifer Nitsch and Hans Meine were awarded for their work on a skull stripping method for T1-weighted MR images within the context of the project „Multi-Modality Segmentation of US- and MR-Images for Glioma Surgery“ and received a NVIDIA Titan X graphics card.

The Project Week is a semi-annual open source hackathon which draws 60-120 researchers. As of August 2014, it is a MICCAI endorsed event. The participants work collaboratively on open-science solutions for problems that lie on the interfaces of the fields of computer science, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and medicine.