Forschung & Technologien

Imaging Physics

MR-compatible ultrasound research platform MRT for multimodal imaging
© Fraunhofer IBMT

Magnetic resonance imaging continues to have a high impact from basic research to routine clinical practice. We cover the complete scope of MRI applications from the simulation of underlying physical phenomena to the design of pulse sequences and their application in medicine and clinical research.



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Image & Data Analysis

Turmors Liver Surgery Planning, Brain Nerve Fibers, Lung Turmors
© Fraunhofer MEVIS

We develop image analysis solutions with a strong focus on robustness, efficiency, and clinical applicability. We have a particular excellence in automated and interactive segmentation for diverse types of medical image data, proven by successful participation in various challenges. Our well-maintained toolbox allows us to combine the most suitable methods into solutions tailored to specific requirements of clinical problems. Our mission is to extend this expertise towards a comprehensive analysis of the available patient data.


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Image Registration

Registration with constraints Radiation Therapy
© Fraunhofer MEVIS, Image courtesy of Inselspital Bern

We offer research and development in medical image registration and provide efficient, robust, and advanced solutions to clinical problems.

Image registration is one of the central challenges in medical imaging. Its goal is to establish correspondences of spatial positions in different views of scenes or objects. Once the correspondences have been computed, aligned objects can be analyzed voxel-by-voxel and further processed.


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Modeling & Simulation

vertebral trabecular bone osteoporosis
© Lars Ole Schwen (Institut für Numerische Simulation, Universität Bonn)

We develop mathematical models and numerical simulations of biophysical and biomedical processes for clinical use. In close collaboration with other sub-disciplines of medical image computing, we support diagnosis and therapy.

Complementing imaging with computational models, we reveal information that is not directly visible and thus enable radiology beyond the eye. Employing a portfolio of biophysical modeling, simulation, and mathematical optimization techniques in combination with patient-individualized models, we predict and optimize treatment and therapy outcome. Validating the utilized models, we pave the way for clinical and industrial translation and acceptance.


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Visualization & Interaction

Utilizing state-of-the-art and custom rendering techniques, we visualize complex medical image data and derived information in 2D and 3D. We develop interaction schemes and optimize workflows and user interfaces to facilitate a positive user experience in our applications. To bring our solutions closer to the clinician, we embrace new technologies such as mixed reality headsets and web-based front ends.


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Software Development

MeVisLab Software User Interface
© Fraunhofer MEVIS

Medical image computing heavily relies on software. Besides providing and maintaining an efficient infrastructure for software-based research and creating prototypical programs for evaluation and demonstration, software development at Fraunhofer MEVIS also means translating research results into quality-assured software components to become part of medical products of commercial customers. Our software covers the full range from algorithmic research prototypes to highly customized, product-ready libraries or end-user applications.


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