Fraunhofer MEVIS at "RSNA 2009" in Chicago

Fraunhofer MEVIS at annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America 2009
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You are invited to visit our booths in the Digital Presentations area at the Learning Center in Hall E:

  • LL-IN3512: Phantom and Test Data Generation for Comparison and Testing of Pharmacokinetic Analysis Algorithms for Dynamic Contrast-enhanced (DCE) and Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast (DSC) MRI - Hendrik Laue et al.
  • LL-IN3513: Four-dimensional Phase Contrast MR Flow Imaging: Advanced Visualization and Exploration Methods - Anja Hennemuth et al.
  • LL-IN3531: Interactive Determination of Robust Safety Margins for Oncologic Liver Interventions – Christian Hansen et al.