Congress  /  07. Juni 2022  -  11. Juni 2022

CARS - 2022

Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

Meet us @ the 36th CARS international congress and exhibition in Tokyo.

This year's CARS conference will take place as a hybrid meeting with a balanced combination of in-person and virtual presentations and discussions.

This highly regarded event gives scientists, engineers, and physicians a forum to present and discuss their latest innovations and solutions in a worldwide and multidisciplinary exchange.


This year Fraunhofer MEVIS contributes the following topics:


Oral/Video Presentations:


Lange, Annkristin

"A deformable image-based registration approach to obtain shape correspondence for statistical shape modeling of finger bones"

(Authors: A. Lange, S. Heldmann, J. H. Moltz, L. Walczak, C. Engel, M. Detering, A. Rörich, F. Güttler, S. Yarar-Schlickewei, J.

Part of session: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 9:30–10:35


Walluscheck, Sina

"MR-CT Multi-Atlas Registration Guided by Fully Automated Brain Structure Segmentation with CNNs"

(Authors: S. Walluscheck, L. Canalini, H. Strohm, J. Klein, S. Heldmann)

Part of session: Imaging Informatics - Advanced Processing

Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 11:30–12:00