Conference  /  4.7.2018  -  6.7.2018

7th International Conference on Systems Biology of Mammalian Cells

The Power of Systems Medicine

The 7th international conference on systems biology of mammalian cells SBMC on the beautiful campus of Jacobs University Bremen is devoted to the power of systems medicine and the implementation of systems biology approaches in medical research and medical practice.

This year Fraunhofer MEVIS contributes in the following ways:

Conference Chair

Tobias Preusser, Jacobs University Bremen / Fraunhofer MEVIS


Wednesday, July 4
9:00 - 12:00

Workshop 1: From medical images to therapy planning - An introduction to medical image computing

Instructor: Sabrina Haase, Fraunhofer MEVIS

Workshop 2: Teach the computer to seem

Instructor: André Homeyer, Fraunhofer MEVIS



Daniel Cazacu:   

Modeling liver volume regeneration with linear elasticity

André Homeyer:   

A new approach for the reliable assessment of small differences in hepatic steatosis

Lars Ole Schwen:   

Integration of representative sinusoids into a physiologically based whole-body model for a detailed description of biliary transport


BBQ and Open House

Thursday, July 5
18:30 - 22:00

An open house night at Fraunhofer MEVIS allows conference participants to experience plenty examples of systems medicine and medical image processing in research and clinical practice.