THE CYCLE OF LIFE / Conference  /  01. März 2023  -  05. März 2023

ECR 2023

European Congress of Radiology

The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) Vienna of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) for Radiology is a forward-looking, dynamic and service-oriented congress and trade exhibition, known as one of the most innovative meetings of the scientific community and embedded in a unique and inspiring ambience. Within the framework of the trade fair, around 300 exhibitors will present their latest products and services. The European Congress of Radiology in Vienna is a leading medical meeting place for radiology in Europe.


This year Fraunhofer MEVIS contributes the following topics:


Oral Presentation

Jan Hendrik Moltz

"Evaluation of a generic registration algorithm for lesion matching in follow-up CT"

(Authors: Jan Hendrik Moltz, Stefan Heldmann, Alessa Hering)

Research Presentation Sessions: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning & Imaging Informatics / RPS 1805 - Recent developments and implementations strategies for AI

Day: Saturday, March 4

Time: 10:30–12:00 (UTC+1)


E-Poster Presentation

Annika Gerken

"Importance of the late hepatobiliary phase of DCE-MRI for automatic liver lesion detection and segmentation"

(Authors: A. Gerken1, F. Thielke1, H. Meine1, S. Singer2, M. F. Froelich2, L. S. Becker3, J. B. Hinrichs3, A. Schenk1; 1Bremen/DE, 2Mannheim/DE, 3Hannover/DE)

Day/Time: Tba


E-Poster Presentation

Bianca lassen-Schmidt

"Establishing a time-efficient iterative artificial intelligence training workflow of segmentation models for the mediastinum and heart in the nationwide RACOON consortium"

(Authors: B. Lassen-Schmidt1, B. Baessler2, M. Gutberlet3, F. Link1, The RACOON Study Group1, A. M. Bucher4, T. Penzkofer5, M. S. May6, M. M. Sieren7; 1Bremen/DE, 2Würzburg/DE, 3Leipzig/DE, 4Frankfurt/DE, 5Berlin/DE, 6Erlangen/DE, 7Lübeck/DE)

Day/Time: Tba


E-Poster Presentation

Jan Raphael Schäfer

"Multitask pretraining from heterogeneous medical data generates transferable knowledge for improved diagnostic performance"

(Authors: R. J. Schäfer1, T. Nicke2, A. Lange2, H. Höfener3, F. Feuerhake4, D. Merhof1, V. Schulz1, J. Lotz2, F. Kiessling1; 1Aachen/DE, 2Lübeck/DE, 3Bremen/DE, 4Hannover/DE)

Day/Time: Tba